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Alleged Track List for Taylor Swift’s “1989” Album Hits Twitter

Adrianna Velazquez

Taylor Swift fans have been in a frenzy as of recent with an alleged tracklist for the singer-songwriter’s highly anticipated fifth studio album, 1989 circulating Twitter this past week.

According to multiple reports, the alleged tracklist that surfaced (pictured) has not been confirmed by Swift or her reps, however, multiple things suggest this may be the actual tracklist.

Co-writer Jack Antonoff of Bleachers/Fun who worked with Swift on a handful of tracks for the album previously confirmed two of the song titles featured on the alleged tracklist, “You Are In Love” and “I Wish You Would.”

Swift, known for her encoding of hints regarding her projects suggests that another song title listed may be accurate. In her recent Diet Coke commercial, the songstress sang in the background, having encoded yet another song title in the commercial, “How You Get The Girl” when singing, “and that’s how it works, that’s how you get the girl.”

Other collaborations on the album include those with Max Martin, Ryan Tedder and Imogen Heap who is credited as a co-writer for the track “Clean,” all of these collaborations which have been previously reported for the album.

Another very likely track to be featured on the album as the alleged tracklist suggests is “Welcome to New York.” Swift has been very public about her move to New York and her love for the city, so it’s more than likely that this is a cut on the album. In fact, Swift used the alleged song title to open her live broadcast announcement via Yahoo! back in August.

Though the tracklist has not been confirmed, there are many signs suggesting the alleged leak might just be the real deal, fans will have to wait and see.

In anticipation for the release of the album Swift has held a series of Secret Sessions in multiple cities where she personally invited fans into her home, baked treats and shared the album exclusively with them.

1989 will mark Swift’s official transition from country music to pop and is expected to release on Oct. 27 and will feature her latest single, “Shake It Off.”

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