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"A Reminder" reminds us why we love Drake Bell

Janelle Vreeland

Drake Bell

Nickelodeon star Drake Bell returns with his first music release in five years

Drake Bell may only be 25, but he’s achieved a lot in that time. He starred alongside Amanda Bynes on “The Amanda Bynes Show,” had an instant hit with his own show “Drake & Josh” and has become an international rock star. Oh, and did I mention that he learned to play guitar from Roger Daltrey? Yeah, this former child star has the musical and comedic chops to back up his fame.

Now, five years after his last release, Drake is back and ready to remind us why we fell for him in the first place.


His latest release, “A Reminder,” may only be a four song EP release, but Drake manages to pack a lot of good things into a small package. The album’s current single “Terrific” has already become a hit on iTunes and encapsulates perfectly the battle with how one presents themselves, often through destructive ways, and the self-worth that one attempts to achieve through it. Present are Drake’s signature multiple-part harmonies and catchy melodies paired with clever lyrics like “And you believe that / it’s an achievement / scratching them / where they have no feeling.”

The song “Big Shot” revisits some of the instrumentation found on his previous LP “It’s Only Time,” while “Speak My Mind” and “You’re Not Thinking” represent an amalgam of the sounds explored on both “It’s Only Time” and his debut LP “Telegraph” with perhaps a little more maturity. Also present are traces of musical influences like The Beatles, Billy Joel and Harry Nilsson.

With this EP, Drake does more than remind us he’s still here – he makes us want more!

Check out the music video for “Terrific” below and be sure to buy “A Reminder” through iTunes!

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