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A Mexico yacht crash kills three

Editorial Staff

Mexico yacht crash: three dead, one missing

with one still missing

A Mexico yacht crash has left three sailors dead and a fourth missing. A collision at sea with another larger vessel left the 37-foot-yacht, dubbed the Aegean, that sailors were manning obliterated, looking “like it had gone through a blender,” reports Yahoo.

The crash occurred during a race from Newport Beach, Ca. to Ensenda in Mexico. The total length of the race is 124-miles. The race kicked off on Friday, and the yacht was reported missing on Saturday.

“It was real obvious it had been hit just because the debris was so small,” stated Eric Lamb who is a captain for a private company and eight-year veteran of the race of the Mexico yacht crash.

According to Lamb the bodies, two of which he recovered,  had scrapes and bruises with one having severe head trauma. The third body was recovered by a Coast Guard helicopter.

“It appeared the damage was not inflicted by an explosion but by a collision with a ship much larger than the 37-foot vessel,” association spokesman Rich Roberts said in a news release early Sunday.

There were a total of 210 boats registered in the 65th annual yacht race reports the Newport Ocean Sailing Association on their website.

“This has never happened in the entire 65 years of the race that I’m aware of,” stated Chuck Iverson. “We’re all shocked by this whole event.”

The Aegean was owned by Theo Mavromatis, one of the sailors who died in the crash.

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