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6 Things To Do If You Hate Your College Roommate

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have to share a room with a very polarized individual? College life can be such a drag to many students, especially when dealing with a contrasting roommate that repulses, annoys and bothers you to no end. Monthly assessments and examinations are already scripted problems that you encounter from time to time and having another headache such as this is like having an anvil dropped on you without any mercy. Fear not, for I have assembled the best tips that will help you in your predicament:

1.    Make Some Arrangements

The first thing you will have to do when sharing a room with your “college buddy”, is for you to make some arrangements for your personal and studying items just so your roommate feels more adjusted and comfortable. This way they will not sound off or complain about the space in which they either work or lounge around.

2.    Keep A Track Of Your Belongings

If left unchecked, any one of your personal items can go missing or somehow mysteriously end up in close proximity with your roommate. To make sure that no such conflicts ensue between you two, it is advisable that you keep a prior check on all of your belongings with the most vigorous of vigilance. Tell your roommate to keep their things on one side of the room and leave one side for you.

3.    Keep Cool And Always Be Positive

Granted your roommate might not be the most ideal of people to stick around with, but imagine yourself stranded in the middle of the dessert with virtually no food or water to help you persevere the unrelenting scorching heat. The best thing for you to do is try to adapt to your new environment and be as positive with the situation as you can possibly be. Always be ready to dish out a measly little smirk to your roomie, especially when he comes by for some advice, homework, assignments or something else that is troubling them.

4.    Step Away From The Fire

If by any chance your actions do constitute to a toxic meltdown with your room pal, it would be better for you and him that you evacuate that burning point immediately before it sets the whole statute ablaze, especially your teachers and other superiors. Nothing good ever benefits anyone from engaging in conflicts and what’s more, it is basically catastrophic to your health.

Follow upon these evasive maneuvers and you land yourself in a tight spot like this one. Instead, try to make peace with your roommate by having a pleasant conversation with them.

5.    See If You Fit Right In

You may not know it, but maybe your new roommate is really someone who wants to know you more but shying away due to introvert nature. It is at times like these that you must take the initiative and be a little friendlier towards him. I am not saying that you should do everything that they like to do. But at the max, try to engage in a few of their unfamiliar activities if they intrigue at some degree. Otherwise, you can always turn around and walk away before you stir the pot.

6.    Establish Some Ground Rules

You want to be on the other end of this nightmare don’t you? Then be firm, confront your roommate, take a pencil and a piece of paper if you like and plot out some ground rules for both your and his convenience. This way both of you can actively be aware of the things that could make either of you tick like a bomb.

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