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5 not-too-scary, but still racy moves you can try tonight

With these entry-level moves, there’s no need to go full-force dominatrix. Work your way up to the candle wax and latex catsuits

You can actually spice up your sex life in a very tame and comfortable way and still get amazingly satisfying results. You don’t necessarily have to rig up the sex swing just yet; first, try some of these milder, yet totally, totally smoking-hot moves with your partner tonight!

1. Blindfolding

Recently, Cosmo Radio determined this move to be “hot” in the “Hot or Hype” segment of their programming in which they ask people to confirm whether or not something known for being sexy really is sexy. Blindfolding was rated “hot” for sure, and can be a great, low-key way to heighten you and your partner’s experience.

Without your sight, all of your other senses will perk up, much to your advantage. Try using a sexy texture, like silk or satin or even better, an item of your clothing like a stocking or slinky camisole. Plus you can rest easy because a blindfold is much easier to remove than say, furry locked handcuffs.

2. Leave an article of clothing on.

Whether it’s that hot pair of boots you bought for the fall, or the faded concert T-shirt you borrowed from him to sleep in, leaving one item of clothing on during your tryst can be very sexy. There is something about seeing a person not completely naked that makes your experience seem that much more “we-had-to-have-each-other.” Also, this is a way you can actually make being more covered up sexy!

3. Just add water.

You do not, I repeat, do not, have to jump into any sort of hot tub nor jacuzzi to add water and sexiness to your romantic evening. If you’re not quite ready for the reality TV show hot tub make out session, never fear. You can have an equally sexy time in the much more demure, much more private shower for two.

Simply grab a couple of towels and crank up the hot water–you know I have to make some sort of “getting clean never felt so dirty” line here, of course. Seriously though, showering together is very hot, highly-recommended, and a nice entry-level way of taking your sex life to the next level. Just watch out when leaning against those shower doors! Trust me.

4. Change the scenery.

If you always, always, always seem to find yourself in his or her twin bed staring at a poster of Brett Michaels, then it might be time to switch it up a bit. First of all, a house has many, many rooms. Second of all, is the Brett Michael poster from the ’80s a la Poison, or from the current era of Rock of Love? I’m totally curious. Regardless, even getting down and dirty on the bedroom floor or against a kitchen counter can be a fun change of pace without getting too crazy. You don’t have to go too far to take things to a whole new level.

5. Play dress up just a little.

You don’t need to wear one of those sexy kitty/sailor/nurse/plumber/orthodonist Halloween costumes that radiate lameness. You can however, add just one part of the costume to your adventure.

For example, instead of wearing a complete librarian ensemble, just wear your glasses. Instead of donning the complete sexy pirate get-up, just wear the eye patch. Wait, I’m not sure that would be the sexiest accessory to leave on, but you get my drift. Just a little can go a long way.

The point is, go at your own pace. Don’t feel pressured to slither into a pleather jumpsuit and have an arsenal of flavored sex lotions under your bed immediately. Just be yourself. Go slow. With each new adventure you can build your confidence and find out exactly which adventures suit your tastes.

When you push the envelope slowly, you can have fun, but still feel totally comfortable with everything including the escalation of your kinky comfort level. So, go slow, have fun, and be safe!

Do you have a good idea for a not-too-scary, but still racy move readers can try? Leave comments below!

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