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50,000 bees found in walls of man's home

Elif Geris

Approximately 50,000 bees were found and saved

Approximately 50,000 bees were found and saved

A California photojournalist discovered approximately 50,000 bees residing in the walls of his home on July 7th.

According to the beekeeper, Mike Bee, who investigated the 50,000 bees in the home, the beehive planted in the walls was between six to eight months old.

Larry Chen, 27, did not notice an excessive amount of bee action in his house, but did notice bees traveling in and out of his window. Chen was stung once, but was not afraid. Rather he just began to wonder what the source was of the 50,000 bees in his home.

Chen told ABC News, “I was more curious about how big the hive actually was. I figured it was just a small clump of 1,000 or so.”

Back from a month of being away from home, he decided his objective would be to find the bees and save them, rather than exterminate them. He was inspired to take this action after watching a documentary about the endangerment of bees, according to ABC News.

Mike Bee was stung four times while searching for the source of the 50,000 bees in Chen’s home for five hours. Mike Bee shared the same motive as Chen.

Bee said, “My policy is to relocate, not exterminate.” Bee works out of a rescue initiative for bees.

The 50,000 bees entered the home through small mesh squares covering pipes connected to Chen’s attic.  And there was just enough room for a beehive to fit in the walls.

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