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4 Classic Party Songs

Carlo Mantuano

Every party needs music. Most of the stuff being played is going to be popular music on the charts now or released recently. However, these songs have their place in any party playlist, can fit with any crowd and really get the party going.

Ignition Remix by R. Kelly

I’m pretty sure by now that every white college student can recite the lyrics to this song by heart. And why not? It’s such a fun song to sing along to and always gets the whole party singing together. Make sure everybody is feeling pleasantly buzzed before putting this song on. That being said, “Ignition Remix” is the song that can take your party to another level in the span of only a couple minutes.

Just a Friend by Biz Markie

Party guests will break out the golden pipes for this one. Biz Markie struck gold with this hit that takes the hook from the 1968 Freddie Scott song “You Got What I Need.” This is another song that gets better the longer you wait to play it. Hearing people try and sing those high notes in the chorus will not only ensure laughter, but sometimes even applause. Plus, the simple piano line and drum beat is infectious enough to keep people on the dance floor.

Jumpin’, Jumpin’ by Destiny’s Child

When this song came out, Destiny’s Child was at their prime. Fifteen years later, it’s definitely a throwback jam but still gets the party going all the same. This song is all about the party, leaving everything behind to get down and having a lot of fun. And without fail this song will get people dancing with the fat synth groove and old school Beyonce belting her lungs out.

Wagon Wheel by Various Artists

There are so many artists who have covered this song, which was originally written and recorded by Bob Dylan. The Old Crow Medicine Show’s version is one of the most popular. This is a song that you almost always should play at the end of the night. The party is winding down and you’ve found that special someone to sing along that catchy chorus: “So rock me mama like a wagon wheel/ Rock me mama anyway you feel/ Hey mama rock me/ Rock me mama like the wind and the rain/ Rock me mama like a south-bound train/ Hey mama rock me.” Or you could just gather your close group of friends together, arms over shoulders, and sing the night away.

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