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10 Things That Will Turn 10 in 2015

Adrianna Velazquez

From TV shows to popular novels and life-changing tragedy, these things and events turn 10 this year.

  1. Facebook opening up to the public
    Originally, the social media platform was only available to Harvard students. It became available to use worldwide and has since grown to have the same amount of monthly users (1.35 billion) as China—the world’s most populous country— has people.
  2. The release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
    Within 24 hours of release, the book sold 9 million copies worldwide.
  3. Blink-182’s Breakup
    In 2011, band member Tom DeLonge spoke to BBC Radio 1 regarding the band’s split. He told the radio show the reason behind the band’s split was the fault of the machine that grew to run it. “The reason the band broke up was really stupid in the first place; it’s not like anybody had sex with each other’s wives… The band got so big that the machine running the band took over,” said DeLonge. “We were burnt out, we needed a break, but the machine won’t let you do that.”
  4. The series premiere of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
    Since the hit series wrapped up, the Sprouse brothers enrolled at New York University where Dylan’s focus lies in video game design while Cole studies humanities and archaeology.
  5. Hurricane Katrina
    Katrina killed nearly 2,000 people and caused an estimated $100 billion in damages.
  6. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
    According to creator George Lucas, this was going to be the final Star Wars film but the series continued on with six films in total.
  7. The Pink Razr
    The phone only had 5.5MB of memory compared to phones today that have at least 8GB of storage space.
  8. The series premiere of Grey’s Anatomy
    Shonda Rhimes initially conceived Grey’s Anatomy as a statement against racism. She endeavored to create a show that featured a racially diverse cast that allowed viewers to relate to characters regardless of race.
  9. The first Twilight novel
    The first drafts were titled Forks instead of Twilight before the publisher requested to change the title. At first, she didn’t use names to refer to Bella and Edward, instead she used ‘she’ and ‘he.’
  10. The series finale of Everybody Loves Raymond
    The filming of the finale was delayed because Patricia Heaton (who played Debra) was sick.

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