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Exchange your broken gadgets for $$$

Looking to get that new iPhone 5S or Samsung smartphone? Maybe pre-order the new XBOX One or PS4? Guzu.com can help put cash in your pocket towards buying that new device. Guzu also buy laptops, gaming consoles, iPods and other gadgets. Just visit Guzu.com to check the latest price for your working or broken device.

Get some hidden value back on that broken iPhone you have sitting in your drawer. Guzu provides an easy alternative to sell your old iPhone, iPad or late model smartphone whether its WORKING or BROKEN. This gets rid of the hassle of having to sell it on online auction site like eBay or sell to some random stranger off Craigslist.

What makes Guzu rock is the value you get from your BROKEN devices! Whether your iPhone has a cracked screen, water damaged or broken beyond repair, Guzu.com can still pay you cash for it. Also you can sleep easy knowing that your personal data will be completely wiped clean as soon as it comes through our doors.

The process is simple – go to Guzu.com and search for your device; select whether your it is working or broken and you’ll get an instant quote. Fill out some quick info and we will send you a free recycling envelope or free shipping label so you can send us your device hassle free. Once we get your device, payment will be processed in 3-5 businesses days. We can pay you through Paypal or a business check.

So don’t throw away your unwanted or broken electronic devices! Aside from keeping it out of a landfill, you’re also helping the environment. For every order processed at Guzu, we donate $1 to plant a tree!

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