Can you guess the highest selling acts since 2000?

Linkin Park and Nickelback lead the way. Really?

WRITTEN BY: Michael O'Neill
Linkin Park has sold the most albums in the U.S. since 2000
Image Source: Intrinsic-Image via Flickr
Linkin Park has sold the most albums in the U.S. since 2000

Nielsen Soundscan has compiled a list of the top 20 highest selling acts since the year 2000, and some on the list may surprise you. The numbers reflect only U.S. sales and physical albums sales. Check out the top 10 below:

1. Linkin Park (24,590,000 albums sold)

2. Nickelback (23, 057,000 albums sold)

3. Taylor Swift (22, 814,000 albums sold)

4. Rascall Flatts (22,790,000 albums sold)

5. Josh Groban (22, 313,000 albums sold)

6. Nelly (21,817,000 albums sold)

7. Norah Jones (19,013,000 albums sold)

8. Alicia Keys (18,371,000 albums sold)

9. Michael Buble (18,055,000 albums sold)

10. Coldplay (17,834,000 albums sold)

Who would have thought Linkin Park would be the reigning champions of the past 14 years? And bands like Nickelback and Rascall Flatts would both be in the top-5 highest selling acts despite criticism by the media and scorn from huge swaths of the music population?

These numbers don’t reflect digital sales; which means many newer artists are underrepresented. Rap and Hip-Hop artists are also underrepresented due to changes in technology and data compilation.

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