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Winter weather advisory affects Midwest

Janelle Vreeland

Winter weather

Winter weather hits Midwest, may result in heaviest snow of season

The Weather Channel has announced that there is a winter weather advisory for the Midwest.  As the site details, “An Arctic cold front will sweep south, then east through the Plains, Great Lakes and Ohio Valley through Thursday. As it does, a deepening dip in the polar jet stream will allow low pressure to intensify over Michigan, then southeast Ontario, wrapping moisture into the cold air.”

As a result of this, the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes and Ohio Valley will be facing accumulating snow. The heaviest total snowfall, however, is expected in the Lake Superior snowbelt of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Winter weather advisories are being put into effect for parts of the Great Lakes, including Chicago, Milwaukee, Green Bay and Marquette.

For most areas, the toughest commutes will occur Thursday evening and Friday morning.

Read more about the winter weather advisories here.

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