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Will You Subscribe To Lena Dunham's Newsletter?

Lena Dunham announced on July 14th that she and Girls executive producer Jenni Konner are planning to launch a newsletter this fall, called “Lenny.”

Covering everything from style to politics to feminism to health, the tagline is, “An email newsletter where there’s no such thing as too much information.”

The Cut reports that Lenny’s mission statement reads: “Lenny is your over sharing Internet friend who will yell at you about your finances, help you choose a bathing suit, lamp, president … AND tell you what to do if you need an abortion.” It seems appropriate for Dunham, who has been called an oversharer in the past, particularly in relation to her book, Not That Kind of Girl, and who has never shied away from “uncomfortable” topics.

“We’ll be allowed to show the ugly and complicated thought processes that go into forming your own brand of feminism, and your own identity, because it’s not all clean back here,” Dunham said to Buzzfeed.

Interested readers can sign up for Lenny here, and newsletters will begin sending later this fall.

What do you think of Lena Dunham? Love her? Hate her? Will you subscribe to the newsletter? 

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