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What to Wear to Summer Classes

Ellen Zacarias

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Outfit Ideas

Summer is rolling, and classes are starting. So what can you wear to stay cool in the heat without falling into the plain ol’ tank + shorts or tee + shorts formula? Here are some tips:

  • Choose lightweight fabrics
  • Mix a basic piece with something dressier, such as a fancier top or a skirt
  • Choose a theme for your outfit (girly, nautical, etc)  and roll with it
  • Add accessories! Especially ones that go with your theme
  • Try sandals with a special detail in them that makes them stand out (a braided strap, studs, cut-out patterns, etc)

Below are some examples of what you can wear to class:

Outfit 1

Summer Classes: feminine

Sheer, white blouses are a versatile choice for summer, especially when paired with patterned pieces such as this skirt. The solid-colored simplicity balances out the busier florals. The bright bag and pastel nail polish bring out colors in the skirt, while the simple brown gladiator sandals keep everything down-to-earth for classes.

Add cute sunnies and a sun necklace (as an ode to summer) and go!

Outfit 2

Summer Classes: Studs

From far away, this outfit looks simple, but once you get closer you start noticing that there is actually a theme going on: studs! An oversized top, shorts, and a hat make up the summery outline of this look.

The bow-studded necklace, bracelet, sandals, and lightly-studded bag pull the outfit together in both color and theme. The light, neutral colors evoke a sense of casual earthiness. But it’s all in the details.

Outfit 3

Summer Classes: Mermaid, Nautical

Hitting the beach or pool after classes? Try this sea-themed collection that mixes polka dots and stripes. The Ariel image breaks up the stripes of the tank top, keeping it from becoming too matchy with the beach tote.

Following with the nautical theme, the colors of the skirt, sandals, and sunglasses are made up of red, white, and blue. I must admit that I love heart sunnies. I’ve seen them everywhere and still love them!

Alluding to the adventures in the waters, both of the bracelets contain an element of the sea, such as the anchor and the rope. Apply lip gloss and jet-ski.

To the reader:

How do you get out of style ruts? Let us know!

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