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Useful tailgating tips

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Useful tailgating tips

We talk about tailgating and the best sunglasses to show your school spirit

We have some useful tailgating tips for you.These tailgating sunglasses are perfect for the school spirit connoisseurs. When it comes to being passionate about your college or university, you want to display your school spirit front and center. It is currently football season, so parking lots are full of sports fans representing their favorite teams. Campus stores usually only have a limited selection of spirit wear, which includes t-shirts, hoodies and sweats. However, finding sunglasses that really scream “Go team!’ are hard to find, that was until AC Lens debuted their tailgating sunglasses.

The AC lens sunglasses come in either “sporty” or “preppy” styles. “Sporty” looks similar to Oakleys, while “Preppy” looks similar to the look of classic Raybans. The NCAA sunglasses only have a select few schools, but they are really sturdy glasses that are polarized for maximum effect. I personally got the Oregon Ducks sunglasses because they looked the closest to Raybans from all of the other sunglasses, which is my style of choice. The sunglasses were really sturdy and also had a nice case with it and a cleaner to accompany it.

In addition to shielding your eyes from the pesky sun we have some tailgating tips that will come in handy during the remainder of football season.

Go early and stake out a good parking spot

Finding a good parking spot is key for the ultimate tailgating experience and one of the most important tailgating tips. Finding a spot that gives you enough room to spread all of your cookware and cooking materials is a highly important part of the tailgating process.

Bring a meat thermometer

No one wants to cause a bout of salmonella poisoning to everyone at their tailgating gathering. Ensure your meat is at the proper temperature by bringing a meat thermometer and avoiding any dangerous mishaps.

Bring a game to burn off those extra calories

After engorging on glorious barbecue, snacks and beer you may feel like you gained a few pounds and need a nap. Keep that adrenaline going and burn some calories by tossing around a football or playing a wholesome game of ultimate Frisbee. It will keep everyone’s energy up and help you digest all o that food you ate!

Be kind and clean up!

Leaving beer cans and plates everywhere may seem like best option once you have had a tiring day of tailgating, however it is important to clean up after yourself and not leave mess behind as an import. If you could find a way to recycle your old beer cans that would be even better. 

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