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Undz New Project Will Bring Back Local Jobs, Business Majors Pay Attention

Ruben Corbo

Undz underwear brand launch their new women underwear collection this summer.

Undz underwear brand launched their new women’s underwear collection this summer. the mens underwear brand from Canada will launch a women underwear collection this summer. The company that sold a record 250, 000 men’s underwear in their first year online, will now offer the same crazy good quality underwear for women as they do for men. The collection will be full of colored and high quality garments for only $10. The underwear will be like a Brazilian cut boxer with a large waistband perfect for a winter evening in bed. Undz CEO Bertrand Dore told us that the company is working on another project that will be available this fall. The women’s collection available this summer will be sponsored by a celebrity that will be unveiled later in May. Undz men’s underwear collection will always be available, and tons of models will also arrive this summer.

On a bigger note, it is said that Undz’s new project will give local workers some apparel jobs back, and that is great news considering the unfortunate events going on lately in the apparel industry. MADE IN HERE is the project that has the goal in mind to bring back 50 workers in the apparel business. The CEO of Undz Betrand Dore admitted that most of the merchandising was produced in Asia and will continue to do that but having a certain portion of that back in the local area.

You can read more about this on Diadelreciclaje which is also a great Business and Marketing blog for you College students to check out, because it’s not got some pretty informative stuff.

It’s not every often you hear news about CEO’s not only admitting their faults but also willing to give opportunity to those at home. I don’t personally believe the economy is as bad as it used to be 5 years, ago and I see a drastic improved, but it’s these forward step taking business leaders that really give the rest of us faith that more companies will bring back to their local area. It’s not always the fault of business leaders to outsource their productions or other tasks, but a lot of start-up companies in the beginning find it to be a necessity to outsource their tasks in order to bring a larger increase in ROI. Imagine if you had only a certain amount of money to invest in a business and needed the profits to keep growing you business in the beginning, what would you do?

Hopefully business majors could learn from this and take a great example from Betrand Dore in order to give back to their home country after bringing years of great service and products to us. The future of our country in terms of employee very much relies on you, especially if you’re producing mens underwear.

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