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Tote your tech with Ogio's Renegade Slim

Josh Smith

You own smartphones and tablets and laptops. You research cutting edge technology and your favorite gadgets. Sadly though, one of the most overlooked aspects of your obsession is how to carry it. There are messenger bags, shoulder bags, postal bags, and all sorts of backpacks to consider.

But how do you choose?

Of course, the devices you’re invested in matters, but you need to know what to spot for your gadget’s luggage. Pockets and dividers matter. Tossing everything into one compartment can create a jumbled mess and, even worse, damage your accessories. That’s where Ogio comes in with their Renegade Slim, a pint-sized, pocket-plenty, portable pack for your possessions.

Not oversized, the Renegade Slim measures approximately 14” x 10.5” (it looks bigger when laid flat) and has three main compartments. The front compartment is for your smartphone, your cable accessories, and anything else that you’ll need on your travels. There’s an area for pens, but most beneficial may be the breakaway clip inside, perfect for attaching a flash-drive, but designed for keys.

The main pocket, the biggest, is split into two sections, each with a soft lining sewn in to ensure your hardware rests comfortably. One side is for your tablet and has an elastic band to prevent it from rattling around during your normal hustle and bustle. The other side holds your netbook or laptop, though nothing bigger than 13” will fit inside.

Finally, the rear pocket is simply a document holder. Only about 7” deep, you won’t fit a typical sheet of paper in without folding it, but your checkbook, passport, or student ID will rest inside without damage.

If you’re looking for a smaller, lighter messenger bag that isn’t overly complicated, the $60.00 Ogio Renegade Slim is what you need. Water resistant and compact, you’ll be able to manhandle this for your daily use. While it may not work for lengthy business trips or to carry everything you own, it’s a great backup if you need to carry a few things and don’t want a larger, bulkier bag weighing you down.

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