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Three tips for attracting women

Be a chick magnet in three simple steps

Guys, do you think there’s a magic formula for picking up chicks? As much as girls may disagree, the answer is: quite possibly. This week, dating coach David DeAngelo published his three-step plan for approaching women, and while every girl is different and should be treated as a person, not a math problem, this formula is a pretty good place.

“What matters when it comes to getting any woman, no matter who, is one thing: knowing how to create attraction,” DeAngelo said. With that in mind, here are his three tips to approach women, things that he recommends you do immediately upon seeing her:

1. Tease her
When you first meet a woman, tease her about something. It doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as you do it early on to get her attention. And as long as it’s not offensive.

For instance, you might say: “Those are some pretty tall shoes, what are you, like, 4′ tall without them?” Just don’t comment on something she may consider a flaw or say anything vulgar and you’ll be fine. “The fact is,” DeAngelo says, “if you tease a woman right off the bat, it immediately shows that you’re not a wuss, and that you like to have fun. This is huge.”

But whatever you do, make sure that what you say is actually funny, or you’ll come off looking like a bigger dork than you would have otherwise.

2. Be “cool”
“After you start talking to her, look around at other things; try to seem kind of preoccupied. In other words, be cool, loose and relaxed, always making your funny remarks with a totally carefree, detached tone,” says the expert dater. Basically, you want to sound as comfortable as when you’re talking to your best friend. This confident, in-control attitude is very attractive to all women — especially when it’s perfectly combined with humor.

3. Take control
“The fastest way to do this is by never asking (or answering) any direct questions,” DeAngelo sayd. “ To keep the suspense and intrigue building, let her do all the asking — and be prepared with answers.”

Odds are she’ll hit you with something simple like: “What do you do?” or, “Where do you live?” or even, “Tell me about your family,” so have witty answers in your back pocket — answers that never give her exactly the information she wants.

Most guys say, “Oh, I’m an engineer,” or “I’m a stock broker.” Boring. This is a total conversation (and attraction) killer. If she asks what you do, say something like, “Oh, funny you should ask. I’m a Calvin Klein underwear model.”

In summary, keep up the mystery, stay confident and, above all, keep her laughing. No go get ‘em, tiger!

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