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Texas Tech bull statue gores teenager

Nikki Shewmaker

Freak accident claims life

Boy dies in freak accident in Lubbock, Texas

The Texas Tech community is mourning the death of 14-year-old Miguel Martinez, who died in a freak accident on the campus over the weekend. Martinez, along with his mother and two friends, visited the National Ranching Heritage Museum which is located on the Lubbock, TX campus.

Around 3 p.m. on Sunday, Martinez and his friends were goofing around and playing outside when Martinez took off running across the courtyard of the Texas Tech campus. In an outrageous accident, Martinez tripped and impaled himself on one of the Texas Tech bull statues.

Martinez’s mother is understandably still in shock at the tragic freak accident that claimed her son’s life, telling reporters, “He just happened to trip over one of the lights. I guess he lost his balance and he went straight down on one of the horns. It’s hard for all of us. No mother expects this to happen to their child.”

Ambulances were called to the scene, but Martinez passed away before they arrived. Martinez’s friend, only identified as Jeremy, told reporters that he spent Martinez’s final minutes by his side. “I just laid there beside him. I put my jacket over him and just held him tight and told him I loved him,” Jeremy said. “He was like a big brother to me.”

A Texas Tech spokesperson confirmed the sad event but released no other statements. The Texas Tech bull statue that pierced Martinez’s chest now has cards, candles and flags with prayers and thoughts of condolences at its base

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