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Steel Bridge arrests prompt protesters to move

Janelle Vreeland

Steel Bridge

Steel Bridge protesters move on to waterfront for rally

Occupy Portland protesters moved to Steel Bridge this morning, halting traffic before contrinuing to the waterfront.

KGW aired footage of the protesters halting traffic and sitting down on Steel Bridge. Police moved in, informing the protesters that they would be allowing traffic back onto the bridge and those who refused to move would be arrested.

SEIU tweeted a photo of the “peaceful arrests” taking place on Steel Bridge.

The Oregonian tweeted, “Last of #OccupyPortland protestors sitting down on Steel Bridge have been arrested. Organizers signaling it’s time to leave the bridge.”

KGW reports that after leaving Steel Bridge, the protesters moved down to Waterfront Park for a morning rally. Police believe there were around 200 protesters.

You can watch strreaming footage of the Steel Bridge Occupy Portland protesters here.

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