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Sorority Recruitment: What You Need to Know for Rush Week

Taelyr Vecchione

Going through Sorority recruitment can be a stressful and nerve racking experience, but it can also be one of the greatest experiences of your college life. Going through recruitment is an exciting time, you meet the great women who are going through the recruitment process with you but you are also introduced to the Greek women on your campus.

The fall semester is coming up, which means recruitment is right around the corner. For the freshman going into the University this means making a decision whether or not to join a sorority. If you do decide to go through recruitment, there are some things that every woman rushing should know. These are some pointers that will help you have a fun and enjoyable recruitment.

1) Utilize your Rho Chi. Your Rho Chi is your mentor through the process of recruitment. They are women who are already in one of the sororities on campus but have temporarily left to help you out with recruitment. They have been through both sides of recruitment and have had a lot of experience. Don’t be afraid to talk to them about anything! They will help you with questions or concerns.

2) The sororities have been preparing for recruitment for weeks, be respectful. These women have taken time out of their lives to prepare for recruitment and make sure that your experience is wonderful and enjoyable. Be respectful of that. Even if you don’t like a house, or a girl, make sure to still show them respect.

3) Relax; they are just as nervous as you are. Some of these girls are on the other side of recruitment for the very first time. They are nervous just like you, and all these women went through recruitment just like you, so they know exactly how you feel.

4) Dress cute but dress how you want to dress. Through recruitment week you will have a dress code. It starts very casual and ends formal. Although there is a code on how you need to dress, you should still dress how you want. On a day you need to wear a dress, wear one, but wear one that you love and would normally wear. You shouldn’t dress differently because someone told you too.

5) Be yourself and be honest. You want to be yourself when you are meeting all of the women. These girls are there to talk to you and find out who you are and if you would fit in well with them. If you aren’t truly being yourself then the women won’t be able to know who you really are and it will be hard to find a good fit in one of the houses.

6) Preference Night is important! This is the last day or recruitment. You will be meeting a woman whom you have already met through the process. This is the final step in joining one of the houses. You will have a more serious and calm day then what you have experienced before. The sororities tend to be more open and tell you more about their houses. This is the day that not only you but the houses will decide if you are right for each other.

8) Bid Day! When you get a bid this is the start of a new chapter in your life. If you choose to accept the bid a sorority gives you, you will join the house and become a new member. Don’t be shy. These women are going to welcome you in with open arms and can’t wait to get to know you. These are your new sisters and you will spend a lot of your college career with them. So don’t be shy and enjoy the first day in your new home.

Recruitment week is a great experience for many college women. These are just some key points that will help you make the most out of your experience. Ultimately it is up to you to decide if you want to go through recruitment and if it is right for you.

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