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Roy Orbison's widow dies

Janelle Vreeland

Roy Orbison record

Roy Orbison’s widow, Barbara, dies on anniversary of Roy’s death

Roy Orbison’s widow, Barbara, has died at the age of 60.

Spinner reports Barbara Orbison had been battling pancreatic cancer and passed on December 6 — the 23rd anniversary of her husband Roy’s death. She was surrounded by her sons as she passed.

Roy and Barbara were married in 1969 in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Roy died in 1988 at the age of 52 from a heart attack. He was in the midst of a comeback tour with the supergroup the Traveling Wilburys, featuring the likes of George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty.

“Roy transitioned well from the ’50s into the ’60s,” Barbara told Spinner in an interview earlier this year. “In the ’70s he was basically rebuilding a life. He didn’t want to do anything except be somebody in love, with a little money and lots of fun. By the ’80s, he was ready again.”

Read more about Roy and Barbara Orbison here.

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