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Roger Federer and Serena are back to reclaim US OPEN glory

Reel Robinson

The tennis champions are pushing to further their legacy

Roger Federer is arguably the greatest of a generation in the sport of tennis. His prowess over the last decade and a half has been astounding and one to cherish. Even as he elevates in age his play is still strong and looks capable of winning another US Open Championship. Federer comes in seeded #2 behind Rafael Nadal who has his own mission to claim his 3rd US Open title. Both are prime for a long push to the finals but it won’t be easy with such competition. Federer takes on Leonardo Mayer in the first round.

Federer once dominated the US open taking down some of the biggest names in tennis on his hot streak 10 years ago. His dominance at that point in his career was one of the most electrifying times in sports. Federer took home 5 straight US OPEN titles from 2004-2008. He defeated names like Agassi, Djokovic, Both Andy’s (Roddick and Murray) and Llyeton Hewitt to win his first one. A stretch of dominance unseen in sports for a long time outside fellow tennis star Serena Williams. Unlike Federer Serena has had continuous success at the US Open. Roger has spent the last 5 years watching the Championship matches at home and is looking to claim his once unstoppable crown. If Federer pulls off another historic run it will put him above everyone for most US Open titles with 6.

Serena comes into this year’s US Open with expectations to take home the Grand Slam for the year. She is the defending champion and has the rare opportunity to win the open for the fourth straight time. Her dominance is only shared by the fore mentioned Roger Federer. Serena has had herself an amazing year after winning the French Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon earlier this year she can claim ultimate glory with dominant performance these next 2 weeks. She has the momentum and health that can put her in a great position. The field will have to take her trophy from her this year and I’m not sure if anyone can.

We just may see a rerun of 2008 when Federer and Serena took the US Open Championships. Both will have a lot of pressure to perform but I think they both will go to the end. I see Serena winning the Grand Slam and adding to one of the most impressive tennis careers we have ever seen. Federer will take the opportunity to knock down the smoking hot Rafael Nadal who looks to be the odds favorite this year. Nadal has also been a frequent in the finals of the US open and he hopes to add to his already respected legacy. The Spaniard has his eyes on his 3rd Championship and after a year plagued with injuries a chance to bring home his first title of the year.

Over the last decade we have been blessed to see 2 of the best players compete with pure aggression and prestige. Both Serena and Federer are representations of an era that showcased so much great talent yet they stood supreme above them all. To have two people be so dominance during the same era is unheard of and will be remembered for years to come in the sports world. The US Open is one the most respected sporting events in the world and we have a unique opportunity to see greatness unfold right in front of our eyes. It will be a long journey for Serena and Roger but I foresee both of them playing for a title at the end of the tournament. I won’t say they will win but I am definitely pulling for them both. 

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