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Reba McEntire releases new "Pray for Peace" video in time of world conflict

Adrianna Velazquez

Reba McEntire says her newest song, “Pray for Peace” is a gift from God.

During a time of tension in the world we live in with tensions rising in Ukraine, the continuing conflict in Gaza and Israel and the recent tragedy of the Malaysian aircraft, peace is desired now more than ever.

Country music songstress, Reba McEntire,recently released her new song and video, “Pray for Peace.”

“The idea to write the song ‘Pray for Peace’ came to me last year as I was walking on our place in Gallatin, Tennessee. For days I’d sing, ‘Pray for Peace’ over and over,” shared McEntire on her website. “It wasn’t until several months later did the other parts start to fall into place. Some, not until we got into the studio to record it.”

Although McEntire’s intent is not political, it’s timely.

“We had no way of knowing what would be happening in the world when we decided to release the video this week,” McEntire told People. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and families of the Malaysia Airlines flight as we continue to pray for peace.”

According to McEntire, this song has taken the longest to produce and she says it’s a gift from God. “I feel this song is a gift from God. I have never worked on a song as long as this one. It went from bass drum, fiddle and singers to guest artists singing with me, adding more instruments and even a choir and a bagpipe!” she exclaimed.

Others have jumped in to support her worthy cause and prayer for peace. Keith Urban, wife Nicole Kidman and their daughters made their own video to support the movement.

For McEntire, the new song is an act of perseverance, fellowship, hope, but above anything else, love.

Check out the video here

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