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Raspberry Ketone: Dr. Oz puts the capsule in high demand

Re-airing a previous broadcast

Health stores across the country will be attempting to stock up on Raspberry Ketone, the fat burning substance recommended by the dietician Dr.Oz. I say attempting because it would appear the demand for the Raspberry Ketone has skyrocketed. “It is amazing the demand that a show like Dr. Oz can generate,” says Chris Nicholl principle of Raspberry Tones. “Luckily, Raspberry Ketone is one of our primary products, and we had plenty of stock for both retail and wholesale customers, but it was a lot of work internally keeping up with all of the requests”

Dr. Oz originally made the announcement of the release in early February but plans to re-air 5 Fat Burners broadcast; Chris Nicholl says they will be ready, “At least we know what we are in for this time, and we are fully prepared to deal with the demand.”

The capsules contain 100% Raspberry Ketone and absolutely nothing else. Raspberry Ketone has been highly suggested by doctors and dieticians in helping lose and maintain body weight. It is enzymatic and helps prevent elevations in weight from high fat diets by mimicking the digestive process in supporting the breakdown of fats and foods. It is also suggestive that the product detoxifies and cleanses the body, ridding it of excess toxins.

To see the re-broadcast, check out Dr. Oz today. To get your hands on some of that sweet Raspberry Ketone, visit a local vitamin store.

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