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Out of the Ordinary


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No, no one is being tortured; just some of the vast ways couples are having pleasure under the covers. Condom companies are coming up with different methods to satisfy even the most adventurous. These condoms are not like the ones our parents once got to choose from. Today, the selection can be overwhelming with so many brands and varieties. From extra, extra large to a snugger fit. To different colors and flavors for playful fun, to bumps, twists, ribs and combination of contours for the more physical. Then there are ultra thin, extra sensitive, ultra lubricated and extended to enhance and enjoy every moment. It’s difficult to say which condoms are the most popular, because each has their own favorites.

We can make some recommendations, not to say these are better than others, but if you haven’t tried them, we suggest a little spontaneity and give them a try.

Durex – Performax

It’s the secret to longer lasting sex. Performax contains a special lubricant called Benzocaine inside the condom which helps control climax and prolong excitement.

Durex – Tropical Flavors

Fun fruit flavors. Banana, strawberry, orange and apple flavors bring a lot more fun and an added dash of extra excitement into sex.

Durex – Extra Sensitive

Ultra thin. Extra sensitive. One of the thinnest condoms in the Durex line-up. Shaped to be easier to put on and provides a better, sleeker fit and feel during sex. With lubricant for heightened excitement and great sensation.

LifeStyles – SKYN

The first premium condom made from polyisoprene. A scientifically formulated non-latex material that delivers the ultimate sensitivity that is the closest thing to wearing nothing. Ideal for those with latex allergies or latex sensitivities.

LifeStyles – Snugger Fit

Designed to deliver the added stimulation and natural feeling you crave. Ultra sensitive with a unique, natural feeling shape. Lubricated for extra glide and enhanced sensation.

LifeStyles – Ultra Sensitive

Heat up the passion with ultimate in sensitivity and stimulation. Thin, but as strong and safe as other condoms. Specially lubricated to maximize pleasure.

Trojan – Magnum

Larger than standard condoms for extra comfort. Tapered at the base for a secure fit. Silky smooth lubricant provides comfort and sensitivity.

Trojan – Bareskin

Trojan’s thinnest condom ever. 40% thinner than their standard condoms. Each condom is electronically tested and meets U.S. standards for strength to help ensure reliability.

Trojan – Charged

Experience the orgasmic pleasure with intensified lubricant for both partners. Deep ribbed design for maximum stimulation.

Okamoto – .004

Okamoto’s premium condom. The ultra-thin construction is made of a latex material (Sheerlon) that’s thinner than almost any other condom on the market. Lightly lubricated and has a silky, natural, super smooth feel.

Kimono – MicroThin

For over 25 years Kimono brand condoms have defined “Thin Condoms”. Kimono’s special formulation combined with advanced Japanese state-of-the-art technology allows for very thin, strong and reliable condoms that exceeds US and International standards for strength.

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