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Peter Schiff debates Occupy protesters

Janelle Vreeland

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff “speaks for one percent”

Peter Schiff made an appearance at an Occupy Wall Street protest in New York’s Zuccotti Park last week, debating on behalf of the one percent.

Reason reports that Schiff spent three hours in the midst of Occupy Wall Street protesters, carrying a sign reading “I Am the 1%, Let’s Talk.” And talk he did, as Schiff debated and discussed issues with members of the crowd. The CEO of the financial firm Euro Pacific Capital, Schiff is an unapologetic member of the one percent and believes that capitalism the only hope for young people to have a bright future.

Schiff says he is “sympathetic” to the Occupy Wall Street protesters and their cause, but he believes that their anger is misdirected and should, instead, be directed at the White House, Congress and the Federal Reserve, along with the crony capitalists that the institutions have bailed out.

You can watching footage from Peter Schiff’s appearance at Occupy Wall Street below.

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