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Panties and Dorm Room Bedding: How to Save Money and Stay Set

Jen Thames

Underwear and buying dorm room bedding have a devilish thing in common: Part of the set wears out faster than the rest. When this happens you have to start all over again. This is time consuming and it can eat up your budget. Here are some sensible pointers to help you stay put together.

What to Look for when Buying College Bedding

The first key thing when buying college bedding is to realize that most dorm room beds are longer than a standard twin. Bottom sheets are the only sheets that matter in this case. Instead of just buying the extra long sheets in the set also look into purchasing at least one additional bottom sheet in a regular size. Doing this will mean that if you move out of the dorm you still have a matching bottom sheet to use on a standard size bed. Purchasing additional pillowcases is another wise move. Pillowcases are subjected to makeup, pen marks, drool, acne medications and a whole host of other things. Buying an additional set when you purchase your bedding means that when you lose one (and you probably will) your bedding set is still intact.

Keeping Bra and Panty Sets Set

Whenever buying bras and panties buy at least two pairs of matching panties for every bra. Preferably buy underwear in one or two styles. Inevitably you will like one style of underwear more. If possible then go back and buy a few more pairs. Bras wear out much more slowly than underwear especially if you air-dry them.

Wild Colors are Fun But Neutrals are Practical

In both bedding and underwear it’s a blast to have leopard print but do you really want to live with it every day? Add style and individuality with throw pillows and accessories. If you are decorating around neutral bedding it’s much easier to change the mood of the entire room on a budget. In the underwear department who wants to worry about prints clashing and showing through your clothing? Sure it’s fun but there is a reason loud bra and panty sets are always on sale.

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