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Obama vs. Romney

The political backlash

On Thursday President Barack Obama was back in Iowa State Fairgrounds since his 2008 political campaign and used a grassroots rally to launch an attack on rival, Mitt Romney, about his handling on the debt and deficit.
Obama slammed Romney for his claim in a speech last week stating, “I know Governor Romney came to Des Moines last week worried about a ‘prairie fire of debt.’ That’s what he said: ‘Prairie Fire’….But, you know he left out some facts. His speech was more like a cow-pie of distortion.”
In rebuttal to Romney’s speech, President Obama said, “I don’t know whose record he twisted the most, mine or his.”
Spokesperson for Romney, Ryan Williams said, “A president who broke his promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term has no standing when it comes to fiscal responsibility.” Adding Obama did not “not come close” to closing the deficit.
Obama argued that federal government spending has slowed during his tenure and has been the “slowest of any president in 60 years.” According to ABC fact check national debt only went up by “$5.05 trillion” under Obama. That’s roughly half of the amount amassed by all the other presidents combined.”
Obama told the crowd in the fairgrounds, in attack to Romney’s famous statement, “Corporations are people, my friend,” that being a CEO doesn’t qualify him to be president. “Their main goal is to create wealth for themselves and their investors.”
“Now that may be the job of someone who’s engaged in corporate buyouts. That’s fine. But that’s not the job of a president. That’s not the president’s job. There may be value for that kind of experience but it’s not in the White House.”
In continuation to the attacks on Romney and Republicans, in general, Obama uses an interesting metaphor to describe Republicans. “By the way, it’s like the Republicans run up the tab and then we’re sitting there and they’ve left the restaurant…Why did you order all those steaks and martinis?”
Obama announced his plan to reduce the deficit and that his plan is to cut deficit by $4 trillion over 10 years in a combination of spending cuts and tax hikes, while Romney’s budget plan would not slash the deficit which includes tax cuts for wealthier American.

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