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New York Jets get Tim Tebow, what does this mean for Mark Sanchez

See what Tebow has to say about it

The New York play-on-words media headlines will get even more absurd with Tim Tebow now playing for the New York Jets. The Linsanity to now Timsanity Tebowmania, forced Knicks star Jeremy Lin to comment on the Tim Tebow trade, “I’m just excited for him and to see what he does,” He said in Philadelphia. “We’ll see what happens next year.”

New York Jets fans are now forced to play favorites for their starting quarterback position, Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow? “Mark Sanchez is, has been and will be our starting quarterback,” general manager Mike Tannenbaum said late Wednesday night. Mark Sanchez did just recently extend his contact with the New York Jets and with that he does have some protection as the first string quarterback for the franchise. But, with the acquisition of Tim Tebow the New York Jets have placed extra pressure on their current quarterback. New York is a place where success is measured in performance and if Mark Sanchez has a bad streak or a couple picks here and there, the Tebow maniacs and soon to be Tebow maniacs will be coming out the wood work. 

The humble Tim Tebow claims him and Sanchez have been friends for several years,
“My goal is to push Sanchez to get better, and to push myself to get better every day,” He said. “But I think we’ll have a great working relationship. We’ll have a great relationship off the field, and we’ve had that the last few years. He’s such a classy guy and handles himself so well, and I’ll be very honored to call him my teammate.”

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