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National Signing Day 2016

Jess Smith

National Signing Day 2016

LSU, Texas, Ole Miss and Michigan are having big days for college recruiting

National Signing Day 2016 is here! The college football world is abuzz with high-school aged potentials picking which college football team colors they are going to wear during the next school year. National Signing Day 2016 for college football has proven to produce some big winners for schools with top players picking Texas, Clemson and Ole Miss as their prospective homes. There have been some surprises with top high school players not committing and last minute and switching up whom they are going with.

LSU is in the lead with 18 of the top high school football players in the ESPN 300 committing to the team.  LSU lost a prospect when another ESPN 300 player, Erick Fowler switched from LSU to Texas. LSU also received four-star cornerback Kristian Fulton, which was a great decision for their already growing roster.

 Clemson gained a great contender when the No. 18 player in the ESPN 300, Trayvon Mullen committed on ESPNU. Brandon Jones, who is also in the ESPN 300 and who also is listed as the No. 1 safety, will join Fowler as a Longhorn.

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The Longhorns are getting a pretty meaty lineup, with athletic stars, such as defensive tackle Jordan Elliot and inside linebacker Dontavious Jackson.  Ole Miss is racking in top recruits as well, including four-star safety, Deontay Anderson, who probably had the most unique announcement video yet for National Signing Day 2016with a skydive video of him announcing his decision to go with Ole Miss. A.J. Brown, No.6 in the ESPN 300 rankings, as well as Jacob Mathis will also be going with Ole Miss.

Alabama is shooting up the rankings fast in the 2016 National Signing Day rankings by gaining the ESPN 300 cornerbacks, Shyheim Carter, Jared Mayden, and Aaron Robinson.  

Michigan also had a really big afternoon, when it was announced that the 286-pound defensive tackle and No. 1 recruit, Rashan Gary signed to Michigan.

National Signing Day 2016 continues to push on as the talent continues to be dispersed to the biggest teams in the college football league.

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UPDATE: Bleacher Report has released their official list for Ranking the Top 25 Recruiting Class after tallying up the player ratings of the players who chose to go each school.

25. Nebraska

24. Arkansas

23. TCU

22. Michigan State

21. Miami

20. Oklahoma

19. Texas A&M

18. Penn State

17. Baylor


15. Tennessee

14. Notre Dame

13. Florida

12. UCLA

11. Texas

10. Auburn

9. Clemson

8. USC

7. Georgia

6. Ole Miss

5. Michigan

4. Ohio State

3. LSU

2.Florida State

1. Alabama

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