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Motorcycle proposal ends in four arrest

Four of the bikers who released pink fog for love were arrested after their viral video helped CHP to identify them.

Hundreds of bikers blocked the freeway for what was supposed to be a romantic motorcycle proposal. But the groom-to-be and three others were hauled off and arrested after causing a bit of a traffic jam on the 10 highway in West Covina more than a month after the incident.

But before the chaos and havoc, Hector Martinez, 24, did manage to propose to his girlfriend, who his pillion passenger, and get her to say yes in the midst of a pink fog bomb that was released when the 200 plus bikers came to a halt and encircled the two. His friends cheered on with a few fist pumps as the groom and bride-to-be embraced and enjoyed their moment of love in front of some very pissed off and confused commuters who just wanted to get where they were going.

The lovebirds then went on to celebrate their motorcycle proposal and join the other bikers at their “motorcycle event”, respectively held at Hooters.

The motorcycle proposal was video recorded and posted onto Youtube, where it later went viral with over 1.7 million viewers. It also became lawful evidence in the arrest of the four bikers who have been released but set to face a judge soon. The couple was interviewed and identified through several media outlets which inadvertently handed the motorcycle proposal couple over to California Highway Patrol on a silver platter; CHP soon began investigating and looking for the bikers in charge in the freeway scheme.

The quarto was booked last Thursday on suspicion of misdemeanor public nuisance and participation in unlawful assembly. Hector Martinez specifically, is being charged with exhibition of speed. Hector Martinez was recorded doing a burn-out for several seconds before riding off.

California Highway representative said he’d never seen anything like it but a similar stunt took place on a Los Angeles highway, according to laist.com, where a band was arrested for a major traffic jam. The band members were charged with conspiracy, public nuisance and resisting, obstructing or delaying law enforcement officers and they were sentenced to probation and community labor.

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