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Mariano Rivera injury forces Yankees to do some quick thinking

Replacement pitcher has big shoes to fill

Mariano Rivera injury causes the Yankees to make a painful change. It’s been said that Rivera is the single greatest closer in MLB history, but now that he has torn his ACL, someone needs to fill his shoes.

The Mariano Rivera injury happened during a pre-game routine that involves chasing fly balls during batting practice. A Wall Street Journal article written by Dan Barbarisi reported, “His foot caught in the space where the grass ended and the warning track began. His knee turned and buckled. The greatest reliever in baseball history crumpled to the ground, writing in pain.” Rivera commented on his injury, “I got myself between the grass and the dirt, and I couldn’t pull my leg up and twisted my knee. ACL. Torn. Broken. Meniscus, also.”

The Mariano Rivera injury may open up a door for someone who has been taken under Rivera’s wing the past four years. Though, he has been training with the MLB Hall of Famer in anticipation of 42-year-old Rivera’s eventual retirement; relief pitcher David Robertson could soon get his big break because of the Mariano Rivera injury. He has been one of several candidates to replace Rivera, and Yankees manager Joe Girardi believes Robertson has the ability to step into the role. Girardi commented “I do, I do. Because he seems to be able to turn the page well. He seems to be able to bounce back. A lot of times his stuff is better the next day. So I do think he has that ability.”

Robertson is excited to show off his capacity to perform under pressure. He has been coined ‘Houdini’ by his teammates because of his ability to get out of tough situations. Robertson is someone they know they can count on in a pinch, and that includes the recent Mariano Rivera injury. “The harder the situation is, the more my focus goes up,” said Robertson.

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