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Limited Edition Titanfall Xbox One Controller Announced

Josh Smith

What may be the most anticipated title for 2014, Titanfall is slated to release in March 2014 for Xbox One. A brand new title, Titanfall  has received numerous awards from shows like E3 and been named “Most Anticipated” by MTV Games, Forbes and others. Seeing the excitement surrounding the release, Microsoft has taken advantage.

Introducing the Titanfall Limited Edition Xbox One controller, Joel Emslie, Lead Artist at Respawn Entertainment stated, “In a collaborative effort with the Xbox design team and the Respawn art department our goal was to create a controller that feels as if it is a piece of military spec hardware transported from the universe of Titanfall and into players hands.”

Though no particular modifications have been made to the controller besides the aesthetics, those who have been waiting for the game’s release next month will be pleased to drive their Titan or dispatch their foes in style. The black, white and orange motif is sure to draw attention and is the first fully-licensed limited edition controller to be offered for Xbox One.

Releasing on March 11, 2014, the Titanfall Limited Edition Xbox One Controller is available alongside the game, created by Respawn Entertainment. The team largely consists of developers from the massively popular Call of Duty series, which explains the buzz surrounding Titanfall itself.

The cost of the controller is expected to be $64.99, on par with current retail Xbox One controller prices.

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