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Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness!

Danielle Dabrio-Carroll

Worldwide everything and everyone is covered in a brilliant shade of blue and there’s only one reason, autism awareness. It’s the eighth annual World Autism Awareness Day! Every year on April 2, autism organizations all over the world hold fundraisers and different events for the purpose of raising awareness and help create a better understanding. World Autism Awareness Day is an official day adopted by the United Nations as a way to “shine a bright light” on autism as being a growing global health crisis. You can go to the Autism Speaks website to learn more and donate. So help make a difference and use the hashtag #LIUB to share your photos across social media and check out which major global landmarks have Lit It Up Blue, including China’s Oriental Pearl Tower, Niagara Falls, Egypt’s Great Pyramid, The Empire State Building, and more!

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