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KandyPens Black Edition Personal Vaporizer Review

Martin Hempfling

KandyPens Black Edition

The last vaporizer you’ll ever need to buy

For anyone looking to own the highest quality, most affordable personal vaporizer on the market, KandyPens has created the Black Edition, the last vaporizer you’ll ever need. They have engineered an advanced, powerful weapon that any self-respecting cannabis connoisseur must add to their arsenal of herb combustion technology. It has no unnecessary flare, no gimmicks or pageantry; it is tastefully low-key with a sleek, elegant design. This device, this revolutionary piece of machinery, that is perfectly balanced between function and art, epitomizes what it means to legally medicate. Simply apply the desired amount of concentrated herb nectar to the inside of the atomizer (which is covered by a lifetime warranty, by the way), push the cool blue button, inhale, and experience a seamless transition to your healed state of mind.

The thing that struck me upon opening the box of the Black Edition was the sheer quality of the product. It will turn heads and spark conversations. Its cool, matte black finish compliments the almost futuristic feel of the device, and you can be sure it will feel like you have entered into the next generation of personal vaporizing. But the quality of the KandyPens Black Edition does not stop with mere aesthetics; its functionality is nearly unparalleled. As mentioned earlier, this is the last vaporizer you’ll ever need. Of course we all want more to expand our collections and sample the varieties. But in terms of what an herb enthusiast needs out of a vaporizer, the Black Edition satisfies all of them. It has a lifetime warranty on atomizers, which as we all know is the single most fragile element of a vaporizer, and has to be replaced frequently. This product will save you significant amounts of money in the long run, but the good news doesn’t stop there. KandyPens offers a lifetime warranty on batteries for the Black Edition as well. Think about what kind of deal this is. For less than a hundred bucks, you can own one of the highest quality personal vaporizers on the market that includes lifetime warranties on both batteries and atomizers, which are of course the two most expensive elements of owning a vaporizer. You can’t find a deal as good as this anywhere else.

So would I recommend the Black Edition as your go-to personal vape? The answer is a resounding yes. Lifetime replacement atomizers and batteries, sleek, low-key aesthetics, highest quality materials and smooth functionality, combined with extra goodies like a stainless steel applicator tool, a cleaning brush, replacement mouthpieces, and a mini USB charger that can plug in through the wall or your laptop… what else could you possibly want or need? Visit to get the most elite personal vaporizer there is.    

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