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Chilling Christmas Tales to Share

For many of us this is the first real weekend of winter break, it is also the start of the complete holiday madness. While you may be already waking up from too much eggnog, or feeling the crush of family togetherness, here are a few more books to escape into that take the idea of the holidays and allow us the ability to laugh maniacally a little at the darker side of the season of light.

The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror by: Christopher Moore

This story has it all when it comes to the holiday miracles and blessing department. A sweet seven year old boy who has a single wish for Christmas. An angel trying very hard to earn his wings. A Santa that returns from the dead. Yeah. That is about where Christopher Moore’s tale of the Christmas spirit takes a turn for the dark. A hilarious as it is a strange tale of holiday wishes gone wrong, The Stupidest Angel will have you forgetting how terrifying it may be to explain your latest dramas at the holiday dinner table.

The Hogfather by: Terry Pratchett

If you have never been to Discworld, well, what are you doing with your literary life? Terry Pratchett’s insanely witty characters, and endlessly imaginative world have abducted readers from reality for many a Yuletide turn. The tale of the Hogfather is quite possibly one of Pratchett’s best works, especially around the holidays. The wit and humor will warm your funny bones while the poignant undertone of the meaning of faith and traditions will shake the winter chill from your heart. So amazing is this read that you can watch it with the family as well, if you feel like spending time with them, that is. The Hogfather was turned into a television movie in 2006. If this is your first trip into Discworld, welcome, if not, well, you know you want to read it again.

A Christmas Carol by: Charles Dickens

We all know the story, though maybe not through a reading of the classic tale. While it may not be terrifying by today’s standards, this classic by Charles Dickens was considered quite the chiller when it was originally released. Consider the number of ghosts, terrifying images, and cautionary dialogue of this Victorian era Christmas story. There is very little joy through much of this story, and if we really look at the main character, he might just have gotten the same treatment, if not worse, in a modern day horror movie.  Charles Dickens was not fooling around when he wrote this tale to help Victorians turn their lives around.

Ho Ho Horror: Christmas Horror Fiction

Once again, not to leave the rest of the family and friends out of the holiday fear, here is one that can be shared. Stocking stuffer sized tales of dread to keep you up all night waiting for Santa. (Yeah, that’s it). These eight tales of Christmas horror are short enough to share over some cocoa by the fire, just be sure to lock the doors first.

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