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Hepatitis C drug shows positive data

Jill Treacy

A hepatitis C drug showed positive results in the early stages of its trial period

A hepatitis C drug in its early trial period has shown positive results


A hepatitis C drug in its early trial period is said to be making progress in reducing severity of the infection. Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc. said the drug is being tested in doses ranging from 25mg to 1,000mg in patients with genotype 1a and all doses tested well. The drug is called ACH-3102 and only one dose of the medication helped with the infection.

The hepatitis C drug study showed it to be safe. This type of success has come early on it the clinical stages. Because of this, Achillion is starting a new trial that combines both ACH-3102 with ribavirin for a 12-week mid-stage trial. Ribavirin is another hepatitis C drug.

Hepatitis C is a highly researched virus and, thus, a large area of drug research. The chronic illness, already affecting many, is said to become more prominent with the Baby Boomer generation. Achillion, along with studying ACH-3102, is testing a wide variety of hepatitis C drugs and treatments.

Analysts have said the data is “encouraging,” and Achillion has already increased the prices of their shares on NASDAQ. The ACH-3012-ribavirin trial should be available in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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