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Graffiti6's "Colours"

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Graffiti6 "Colours"

British duo Graffiti6 make their debut

British duo Graffiti6 (singer-songwriter Jamie Scott, songwriter-producer Tommy Danvers) has already been heard on such shows as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Covert Affairs,” “CSI: NY,” “One Tree Hill” and in the new MTV series “Teen Wolf.” Now, they’re showing off their musical prowess with their debut effort, “Colours.”

Graffiti6 released “Colours” on their own NWFree Music label in the U.K. in October 2010 and in April 2011 signed to Capitol Records. The label released a digital EP in June, and now “Colours” has finally dropped as a mainstream release.

Scott’s vocals are smooth and enticing and, at times, are reminiscent of Adam Levine or Gary Go. Their songs truly are ear candy. Although “Colours” boasts a number of different sounds and styles, for the most part the tracks are good old-fashioned pop fun. They’re upbeat and infectious and remind you of the best bits of ’90s pop. Although the album ends on a somewhat melancholic note (“Over You”), Scott’s gorgeous vocals and honest lyrics — influenced, no doubt, from his childhood love of soul and folk music — truly shine through. Overall, it’s a great first effort from the duo.

Scott has relocated from London to Los Angeles and is looking forward to spending much of his time Stateside. “I’ve been signed to record labels for nine years and I’ve always wanted to come to America,” he says. “It was the one place where we got a load of love right away from the industry, so the minute my manager said, ‘Let’s do it, let’s move,’ I said, ‘I’ve got my bags packed, man. I’ve had them packed for nine years.’”

Judging by his debut effort, and the success the band is already experiencing, we think that Scott won’t be regretting his decision any time soon.

Check out the music video for Graffiti6’s single “Free” below. You can purchase the album here. You can also read our one-on-one interview with Graffiti6’s Jamie Scott here.

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