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Gender-inclusive housing comes to Elizabethtown College

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LGBTQ residents will now be able to choose what gender they room with

Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania just introduced gender-inclusive/gender-neutral housing. Beginning this fall term, students living inside of the Founders resident hall will be able to choose roommates of any gender. This change has been made to accommodate the college’s LGBTQ community for students who may not identify with a specific gender.

Founders resident hall has a total of 2 floors, with the first floor being an ode to ‘Stonewall’ in New York, called ‘Stonewall Hall’. Here students have created the “Living-Learning Community”, which is strictly dedicated to LGBTQ issues.

A survey revealed that the student body was more than supportive of the introduction of the gender-neutral housing with 74% of students saying that the gender-neutral housing was a good move. More and more colleges seem to be setting foot in this trend with more than 200 colleges and universities offering gender-neutral housing.

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