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Florida primary results: Romney clear victor

Editorial Staff

Mitt Romney above par Florida primary results

Tuesday night’s exit polls showed Mitt Romney could be a true competitor in the upcoming presidential election, given that Romney received 46.4 percent of the Republican votes when the Florida primary results finally rolled in. Mitt Romney won by an astounding 14-point margin, as reported by The Christian Science Monitor.

Voters weighed in noting that to beat President Obama on the national level, his opponent must have a strong moral fiber, experience and be an ardent conservative- all qualities that Mitt Romney seems to posses tenfold.

The Florida primary results showed Newt Gingrich receiving only 31.9 percent, Rick Santorum falling much lower with 13.4 percent, Ron Paul with a depressing 7 percent, and Gary Johnson bringing up the rear with .07 percent.

Romney also won among Hispanic voters (54 percent), women voters (41 percent), white voters (45 percent) and amongst all age groups and income levels.

Conversely, the Florida primary results showed Mitt Romney losing to Gingrich amongst the state’s Republicans that consider themselves “very conservative,” especially those who have a strong allegiance toward the tea party movement.

However, Romney took his win in the Florida primary results with confidence, seeming as if he were already running against the commander-in-chief and not other hopeful Republican nominees.

“Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses. Mr. President, you were elected to lead. You chose to follow. And now it’s time for you to get out of the way,” Romney stated, making it clear who he feels his true competitor is.

Though, after the Florida primary results were out Gingrich kept his spirits high elaborating on the lengthy campaign he plans on running, given that there are still 46 states left to go.

Nevada is the next stop on the debate road for the Republicans.

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