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Dirty Dancing hotel fire destroys a piece of cinema history

The place that inspired the hotel for the movie went up in flames this week.

A Dirty Dancing hotel fire has smoldered future opportunities to have The Time of My Life.

The Catskills resort where Frances “Baby” Houseman’s family spent their summer vacation burned down over the weekend in what is forlornly being called the Dirty Dancing hotel fire.

The blaze consumed nearly the entire condominium complex, formerly the Brown’s Hotel. In the film it was Kellerman’s resort, and it was the setting for one of cinema’s greatest love stories. The hotel had been standing since 1944, and while it was a popular performance spot for comedians like Jerry Lewis, it isn’t the only Dirty Dancing hotel.

In fact, the Dirty Dancing hotel fire only destroyed the symbol of inspiration for the film. Most of the movie was filmed at either Mountain Lake, in Virginia, where the outdoor and cabin scenes took place, or at Lake Lure in North Carolina.

The Mountain Lake location hosts several Dirty Dancing weekends throughout the year, and a Dirty Dancing remake may spark renewed interest in the location where the majority of the movie was filmed.

Still, the Dirty Dancing hotel fire is one of those devastating events that take a piece of film history from the world.

Reports have not indicated that anyone was injured in the Dirty Dancing hotel fire, but many residents lost their homes and everything they owned, and are taking shelter at Sullivan County Community College.

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