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Deena Jersey Shore Arrested For Disorderly Conduct

Lexi Elias

Deena Jersey Shore arrested Sunday Afternoon.


Shocking — Deena Cortese, from the Jersey Shore was arrested by a Seaside Heights, New Jersey police officer for disorderly conduct.  A video posted by TMZ captured Deena intoxicated and dancing through the streets on Sunday afternoon. 

“It’s nothing major, but we can’t put up with it,” said Police Chief Tommy Boyd.  “We don’t treat the cast differently than anyone else.”

At first, the police tolerated her behavior; however, after a few minutes of Jersey Shore star’s inappropriate behavior, Deena was cuffed and put in the back of a cop car.  Deena was seen intoxicated, dancing in the streets and slapping cars that drove by. 

Detective Steve Korman went into more detail about Deena’s disorderly conduct charge when he stated, “Deena walked out of a bar by herself and started to dance in traffic.  An unidentified driver was attempting to drive around her and she wouldn’t let him pass.”

Deena was released a few hours later when her parents picked up their 25-year-old daughter from the Seaside Heights police station.

Deena’s incident Sunday afternoon was the end to an exciting weekend as the Jersey Shore boys were in a bar fight that left Jennifer Farley, also known as ‘JWoww,’ with a sprained ankle.

According to E! News, Seaside Heights Municipal Court stated that Deena is scheduled to appear in court on July 3.  However, the date is likely to change if Deena gets an attorney.

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