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Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas is a questionable last minute Google search

Reka Forgach

This DIY queen brings "the edge" to her handicrafts

Pinterest Queens reign over Google in anticipation of one of their favorite holidays

Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas has been searched hundreds of thousands of times by now by last minute lovers around the states.  Guys will be happy to know that, if cyber anthropology can be trusted, the word choice “cute” indicates that the search culprits are presumably girls.  Zomg, only one more day until the big one, better search cute Valentine’s Day ideas for some cheap thrills!

Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas search popularity is a testament to the fearsome strength of DIY in our age, not to mention the subject of hundreds of Pinterest boards touting the very cute valentine’s day ideas that he will totally notice and cherish forever—heart shaped carrots in chicken soup, punny candy-less pencil holders, and heart meltingly simple ways to tack paper hearts ‘n’ qt mustaches all over his room for the world to remark at the cuteness of your love and your cute valentine’s day ideas unless some cute tyrant has outcuted you, in which case it’s your cue to cut outta there.  For disciples of cute Valentine’s Day ideas and inspiration, think about catering your cuddly crafts to girlfriends this holiday and dreaming up a different adjective for your man’s Valentine’s Day Google search.  Just a suggestion, from one pinner to the next.

Meanwhile, girls don’t settle for your run-of-the-mill Pinterest Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas!  Broaden your search and strive to be the cutest cutie of them all. is a great roundup of alternative DIY sites and a quick search can yield thousands more cheap and transient gifts on this holiest of transient holidays.  Start a forum here!  What Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas did you bring to life today?  Let us know and send a picture!

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