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Consumer Product Safety Commission files lawsuit against Buckyballs

Lexi Elias


Keep Buckyballs of out children’s reach

Attention to all parents, older siblings, aunts, uncles, and babysitters! Buckyballs, the little, silver magnetic toy balls, have been declared not safe for children. The Consumer Product Safety Commission filed lawsuit last week to block continued sale of Buckyballs as they have been stated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as being a, “substantial risk of injury to the public.”

Braylon Jordan, a two-year-old little boy, has been hospitalized due to swallowing eight Buckyballs. Jordan has been through extensive medical care and had to undergo recent surgery, and is still in the hospital since swallowing these powerful magnetic toys. Little Braylon Jordan has had to undergo five life-saving surgeries and is now in critical condition. After seeing that the Consumer Product Safety Commission blocked continued sale of Buckyballs, Jordan’s mother, Meaghin Jordan, stated that she’s “very relieved.”

Swallowing two or more magnets is much more dangerous than merely swallowing any other small toy. When one swallows two or more Buckyballs, or any magnets, they can attach together through the stomach and intestinal walls, which results in serious injuries. According to Consumer Product Safety Commission, when the attachment of the Buckyballs occurs, it can result in holes in the stomach and intestines, intestinal blockage, and blood poisoning.

“I’m hopeful that with this action (by the Consumer Product Safety Commission) no other child will have to go through what my son has,” Meaghin Jordan said.

The distributor of Buckyballs has decided to fight the Consumer Product Safety Commission lawsuit by saying that Buckyballs markets to adults. However, it is still extremely dangerous for parents to have Buckyballs in their house. If merely two of the tiny magnets are somehow within your child’s reach, your child might have to go through the same heartbreaking trauma that two-tear-old Braylon Jordan is having to go through.

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