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Classic Fall Fashions That Last

Editorial Staff

With fall fast approaching, it’s time to stock your closet with a few staples to tide you over until next spring. While fashions come and go, sticking to the classics will get you through more than just one snowfall and keep you looking fresh. Refinery29 pays homage to their favorite classics with their “Criterion Collection of Style,” but keep in mind that a few more subtle pieces will get you through this fall and beyond. Here are five fall styles that are sure to look great, whatever the retail news of the week.   

Fitted Jacket

With winter only a step behind fall, take advantage of the slightly warmer weather with a fitted jacket. The right jacket can complement every figure if worn correctly and tailored properly. Look for a fit that doesn’t feel tight in the shoulders and is fitted in the waist. Stick to tweed or corduroy in a neutral color, or consider splurging on a leather or velvet jacket that lasts.

Tall Boots

While booties have gone in and out of style over the past few years, a classic tall (or ankle) boot will always work for fall. Stick to a smaller heel to ensure the boots are practical as well as stylish. Boots are always a splurge, so make sure to invest in a brand that fits comfortably and that is easy to care for.  

Black Pants

Pants that can transition you from day to night are an important wardrobe staple. Dressed up or dressed down, a pair of classic black pants in wool or denim with a little bit of stretch will get you through a long day while keeping your look effortlessly cool. More fitted pants can be tucked into boots on colder days. Pair the trousers with a lighter top or scarf to balance out the dark color or go all black for a more daring look.

Neutral Sweater

Sweaters are a fall essential, with the cut and fit changing each year. For the coming season, consider investing in a comfortable turtleneck in a neutral color – stick to camel, black, or grey. If a turtleneck just isn’t your thing, make sure to contrast the fit of your sweater with your pants or skirt. If you lean more toward oversized sweaters, then focus on fitted pants or leggings to provide some more structure to your outfit.  

The Statement Piece

Whether you choose pearls, a bright handbag, or a pair of red flats, your jewelry and accessories can amp up your whole outfit. With winter often bringing out a more neutral palette, look for something with a bit of flare to bring your style to life. For more budget-friendly pop, look for a scarf in a bright color or pattern to make your outfit truly yours. 

Buying pieces that last more than just one temperamental season will save you cash and keep your style effortless. Make sure to invest in pieces that you can love beyond the New Year. Stay up to date with the latest retail news to make the best investments for your closet.

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