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Chris Cuomo is one of many new tricks Jeff Zucker has up his sleeve

Reka Forgach

Chris Cuomo on Good Morning America

Chris Cuomo is the latest addition to the new face of CNN

Chris Cuomo, former ABC “Good Morning America” anchor accepted a job in a developing morning show on CNN. Jeff Zucker, the new president of CNN worldwide has taken it upon himself to revamp the ratings-challenged cable network, and only eight days into the job he is well on his way.

Zucker praised Chris Cuomo in a statement to the press, saying “Chris Cuomo is an accomplished anchor who is already an established name in morning television, as well as a widely respected investigative journalist.”  Chris Cuomo also seems to be taking a spot currently held by Soledad O’Brien, who hosts CNN’s morning show “Starting Point.” 

Zucker and Chris Cuomo are filling a quickly emptying house, as current CNN faces James Carville, Mary Matalin, Erick Erickson and managing editor Mark Whitaker depart from long held posts.  While Chris Cuomo is Zucker’s first hire, the network isn’t finished hiring to make up for the newly empty spaces.  Zucker is still digging in to his plans to refurbish the CNN network which dropped 13% from 2011 during the presidential election, Hurricane Sandy and the Newton school shootings, while MSNBC and Fox News ratings rose.

Regarding the hire, Chris Cuomo himself released a statement, exclaiming “This is a fantastic opportunity to do what I value the most and hopefully to do the work that I do best.”  His former job at 20/20 alongside Elizabeth Vargas is currently empty, and David Muir has reportedly been tapped as a potential replacement.

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