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Chris Brown released from jail, plans for new album release

Adrianna Velazquez

Chris Brown is back and better than ever.

Chris Brown was recently released from jail and is wasting no time to give fans what they’ve been waiting for.

According to Hollywood Life, Brown will soon be announcing a release date for his highly anticipated sixth studio album, X, due out this fall.

This album will be do or die for Brown, who considers this to be his best and biggest comeback.

In addition to the album release, an insider reported to Hollywood Life that a tour is being arranged to support the comeback and will also occur later this year.

The 25-year-old R&B singer has been in the studio finishing up the album that has been long delayed, choosing which songs will make the final tracklist.

“Chris is keeping the rest of the tracks that haven’t been released yet on the DL, and just focusing on working on it and not rushing it,” the source said. “He’s not trying to say too much about it because he doesn’t want to jinx himself if it’s not a hot album. On the other hand, he wants to keep everyone in mystery about it so they can be really anxious to get it when it drops,” the source added.

X has seen many release dates since last year that Brown has continued to push back to ensure when it does drop, it’s the best that it can possibly be.

Brown released his latest single, “Loyal” this past December which continues to be a big hit around the world. He also shocked fans when he performed the single at the BET Awards this past June.

Check out “Loyal” here.

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