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Career profile: Restaurant industry

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A look at the job options available in the restaurant industry

The next time your go out for dinner to a fancy restaurant, take a look at the staff there. Well-groomed, polite and giving timely service, they may seem less in number, but every person has a distinctive job of his or her own. From the chef to manager, the restaurant industry would be nothing without these people.

With at least one-third of adults having worked in a restaurant during some part of their life, the restaurant business is said to be the industry’s largest private-sector employer. According to some studies, the food and restaurant services sector is said to grow nearlty 12 percent each year, with 1.9 million estimated jobs, out of which approximately 47,000 are management positions.

Formal education

With most people becoming masters in the restaurant industry through sheer experience, having a valid certificate from a good school is an added advantage. Skilled staff is sought after in the restaurant industry, and the compensation is considerably better for those with formal training. Not only must you have a love of food, you much also have a background in management. One could opt for any job, in marketing, human resources, food technology, customer relations or even business and finance management. There are courses offered by various hospitality management institutions in each of  the given fields, but a person from the business are could also fit in with management skills. The duration of courses vary from two to four years, including the area of specialization. Some colleges also offer hands-on experience, as well as an internship. Besides this, some restaurants have their own training services. In this way, employees learn around the clock and excel as time passes.

Major job options in the restaurant industry

The food service and restaurant sector covers such areas as catering, fine dining, chef-owned bistros, resorts and casinos, hotels, country clubds, fast food chains, hospitals and many more. There are several job options in the restaurant industry, from a preofessional chef to a food buyer. This also is a great time to consider becoming a restaurant manager. The U.S. Department of Labor says restaurant management is an emerging industry and predicts it will continue to grow. Restaurant managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the restaurant. Besides the administration and human-resource functions, a manager’s job also includes recruiting new employees and monitoring the performance of the current. An individual could be promoted from a front office trainee to a manager and further to a general manager in a matter of months, depending on the quality of the work. And coming to the most important part of the restaurant, which is the kitchen, one could work as a chef, managing and overlooking the subordinate cooks or be a food manager, monitoring the food and beverage stocks of the restaurant. Almost three-fourths of all food service managers were previously restaurant managers, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most restaurants management professionals hold a two- or four-year degree in restaurant or food service management. For those individuals there are many profitable career options.

Like any other job, working in the restaurant industry requires dedication and motivation. In modern times, the thinking of a customer has also changed. They demand good service and will go elsewhere if they do not receive it. For that reason, it is important for all employees to be well groomed and practice good etiquette. Employees should keep themselves updated with the market trends and always explore new ways to enhance the business by offering better service. To conclude, if a career in the restaurant industry appeals to you, enroll in courses for food service or restaurant management — and get ready for an exciting and potentially well-paid future.

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