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Brittni Colleps accused of having group sex with students

Kelly Bradley

Brittni Colleps, former high school English teacher and mother of three, on trial for having sex with four students

Brittni Colleps, former high school English teacher and mother of three, was recently accused of having sex with four teenagers from Kennendale High School due to the video evidence presented. A fifth student involved videotaped the act using his cell phone.

The group sex took place in Collep’s Arlington, Texas home in April and May of 2011 while her husband and three children were away. Recognized in the video by her distinguishing lower-back tattoo, Colleps is charged with five counts of improper relationship between educator and student.

According to Texas law, it is illegal for any teacher to have an inappropriate relationship with any student, regardless of their age.

Every student involved was over the age of 18; therefore no statutory rape charges were presented. She potentially faces 20 years in prison if convicted.

Some students were bragging about the incident with Colleps while another wrote it as an entry in her diary. The alleged diary was found and at that time the school proceeded to notify the police. Colleps was later arrested.

Students took the stand Tuesday, going into detail regarding the numerous sexual text messages sent between Colleps and the students.

Despite the numerous counts against her, Christopher Colleps stands by his wife.

Colleps was suspended by the school district and is currently out of work due to her contract failing to be renewed.

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