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Bounding Across Galaxies

Elif Geris

AIR stays true to their ominous piano progressions that lead one into another dimension of darkness, filled with sparkling lights and stars in their new single, “Seven Stars (ft. Victoria Legrand).”  The new album will have you wondering exactly where you are.  Jupiter?  Mars?  The end is near, as predicted by the oracles that are the melody and motifs of this song.  Distant whistling immerses you in the darkness of the sky beneath your feet.  In a ballroom where daytime does not exist, you bound across the galaxies beneath you, and finally your feet fail you.  You have counted down to a minute stuck between darkness, and the stars that only moments ago, you were gliding across.  You are finally given hope, when you realize no return to reality and no decorum is required of you.

Glide your way into Jupiter’s open arms and suffocate in a blissful collapsing of stars.  Prepare never to catch a true glimpse of them, as they fade into dust as soon as they are close enough for the naked mind to see, with “Signs of Waking” by Apparatjik.

Continue through the endless rays of white and pink glistening specks, and meet your guidance with The Big Pink’s “Future This.”  Watch a blast of water come down in front of you, like Niagara, uncontrollable in its powerful vertical blue blasts.  Let the reverberating vocals resemble the shooting stars that whiz past you, as your invincibility lets you dodge every ray you meet.  Sprint without the need to gasp for air and let your confidence guide you past the daunting green figures you cannot name.  Time does not exist, so escape the chase for self-redemption and move ahead of the troubles of now.

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